The U.S. Army Ranger Association, Inc., (USARA), is a Georgia Corporation organized, for tax purposes, as a Tax-Exempt Organization pursuant to the provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(19). Accordingly, cash and appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, airplanes etc. contributed to the USARA are deductible by the donor based upon the assets' market value on the date of the contribution or gift.


    • To preserve the heritage and spirit of the U.S. Army Rangers by strengthening the relationship among all U.S. Army Rangers (past, present, and future).
    • To foster camaraderie among those who have earned the title, U.S. Army Ranger.
    • To provide an extended community for all U.S. Army Rangers and all U.S. Army Ranger families.
    • To commemorate fittingly the memory of all U.S. Army Rangers who have given, or will give, their lives in defense of freedom.
    • To encourage and to assist in the preservation, protection, and recording of the history, documents, artifacts, memorabilia, personal recollections and accounts, characterizations of past Rangers, research, incidents, and origins of the American Military Ranger.
    • To encourage the continued high standards of excellence in leadership training, overall esprit, professional competence, and equipment for U.S. Army Rangers.
    • And, to engage in any lawful business or activities related thereto, and to engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations organize under the Georgia Non-Profit Code.

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US Army Ranger Association, Inc.

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